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About me

When I was about 8 years old, I started to love taking pictures with my dad's phone, Then, I found an old Lumix point-and-shoot camera. I saved up for a week or two so I could buy an SD card, This was back when a 16gb sd card was about 50-7- dollars!, I  took that camera everywhere and took hundreds of pictures, Then, I lost the charger. Never found it so I only took a few pictures. About a year ago, I started a YouTube channel, and that got me back into photography. I bought a little camera and started it all back up, My neighbors wanted some promotional motocross  photography. Yay my first client! I had a lot of fun. That led to the next job, shooting for a local blues band. Now, I have a shoot a few times a month, and aspire to be a photographer. I’m only thirteen after all



I make you look good


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I am a local photographer in the Woodlands TX area,

but you can contact me 

at PhotoFamous@outlook.com


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